Sue did some work on my dog called Kristoff (previously named Tommy).
Kristoff is a rescue dog.  Sue asked him questions regarding his past and he told her what had happened to him before I re homed him .
She also asked him some other questions and reassured him that he is now safe with me.  He (Kristoff) told me via Sue that he didn’t like the name Tommy or Thomas as it reminded him of his past.
Now he knows that he is safe with me he seems much calmer.  Sue suggested that when people come into the house that they sit quietly until Kristoff approaches them when he feels ready.


Sue is a very good at what she does and I now understand him more. I highly recommend Sue for any issues regarding your animals, she is very good at what she does.

Thank you again Sue much appreciated.

Lucy and family 

Boysie & Roxy

(See testimonial below)

Boysie & Roxy

Sue worked on both my horse (Boysie) and my dog (Roxy), who both had various issues and ailments, that I was concerned about. Sue was jaw dropingly accurate on both of them. My horse had been feeling very below par for some time and I was really concerned about him. Through working with Sue and my vet we diagnosed the problems, and started the healing process. Sue’s work I feel was vital in his recovery, she was able to tell me exactly what Boysie wanted and was feeling.

One of the most amazing things to come from Sue working on them both was my bond with them became so much stronger! Through Sue’s work I was able to connect with them on a completely new level and it reconfirmed what special individuals they were!

- Corrie


Our seven-year-old Staffie was very happy to be treated and seemed to enjoy all of the attention. You were very accurate with your description of her character and her placid, kind nature. It was comforting to know that she loves being part of our family and does not want for anything more in life.

She has always loved ‘mouth’ toys and her favourite thing to do is play ball or tug which you picked-up on very quickly. Milly also communicate to you her love of beaches and she seems to have great memories of our recent family trip to the coast. We will make an effort to walk her more as a family at weekends as we now know this is important to her.

We are still unsure what the stars reference was but no doubt it will come to us. You mentioned a minor irritation in her teeth on the right side so we will definitely get this checked.

- Debs, Jason and Owen


The disappearing cat and Protector! Riley is three years old and a silver tabby with wanderlust. Our family had begun to assume something was making him unhappy or his needs not being met at home which was why he was straying. It gave us all great comfort to find out via you that he is simply an explorer who loves to hunt and that he is happy here.

Riley has always been a cat to stretch-out when he sleeps and it’s uncanny that you picked-up on this as many cats will curl-up instead. Thank you for communicating to Riley our concern when he goes missing. Hopefully it sunk-in! You also told us that it is Riley who is the hunter out of the three cats so now we know who to thank for the little rodent presents which are often left for us! It was interesting to find out that Riley sees himself as a protector over the home territory.


- Debs, Jason and Owen


The Muppet. Rocky is our fluffy pale ginger tom who is half-brother to Luna and Riley and the same age. As you so rightly said he is a bit dopey with not much going on. He is also a bit of a joker which you also found out and will eat absolutely anything which is put in front of him.

It was great to know that all the animals are content with no hidden anxieties or significant ailments. You really were spot-on with your assessment of their characters and you gave us a valuable insight into how they see us and each other. Thanks again for coming to visit..

- Debs, Jason and Owen


The one who watches. Luna is Riley’s brother so also three years old. She is a ‘calico’ tabby. You quickly picked-up on the fact that Luna likes her own space and takes affection on her own terms which is very true. She is a keen observer and even though she may appear nonchalant she is watching what goes on all of the time.

You mentioned that her favourite food is fish, like pilchards, and we have tried her on a couple of tins since your visit and she devoured them. Normally she is very blasé about food so this was real progress -thank you. As you soon pointed out, Luna is a bit ‘aloof’ and feels a lot of things are not worth bothering with - this is so true!"

It was great to know that all the animals are content with no hidden anxieties or significant ailments. You really were spot-on with your assessment of their characters and you gave us a valuable insight into how they see us and each other. Thanks again for coming to visi

Debs, Jason and Owen


My Tammy passed away unexpectedly, it was a shock I didn’t have time to say goodbye. It was hard. I’m pleased Sue had communicated with Tammy and told me Tammy is very happy. It make me feel better knowing she is ok and safe in spirit world. Thank you Sue.


- Jamie

Sapphie & Kip


A big thanks to Sue McDougall for doing Reiki therapy on our cats - was brilliant, so interesting and one of our cats who is normally quite self-contained has been much more openly affectionate and relaxed since.

Would recommend this 100% to any pet owners - apart from the healing benefits it's amazing (and amusing!) to hear what the animals in your life have to say!


Based on our overwhelmingly positive experience, I would thoroughly recommend Sue McDougall as a Reiki therapist for animals. Sue has performed treatments on our cats at our home and remotely, and both were highly effective. One of our cats can be quite self-contained and stand-offish, and she was noticeably more affectionate and relaxed after treatment. Our other cat has ongoing health issues with Idiopathic Cystitis and Sue has been an invaluable help with this!

Working alongside veterinary advice and treatment, she has performed healing to greatly increase his comfort and accelerate recovery. She has also been able to provide feedback on what he needs to make him comfortable and feel secure during his illness. This has not only decreased the stress-levels of all of us (animals and humans!) but has also saved us large costs in vet visits and medication! Sue takes the time to get to know each animal she treats individually and always allows the animal to control the pace and length of treatment. I can honestly say that in over 20 years of owning pets, this is the best, most fulfilling thing I have ever done for any of my animals.

- Rebecca, Beckenham


Sue McDougall recently visited me to give Reiki healing to my dog, Darcy, who had been suffering with various health problems.  I was amazed when Darcy, who is normally very active, sat very quietly in front of Sue whilst she conducted the healing. 

Darcy looked very relaxed and happy throughout the healing and seemed to thoroughly enjoy every minute.  Sue was able to advise me as to what else was troubling Darcy and was very insightful as to her problems.  I would definitely recommend her to all my friends.

- Kay, Warlingham

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I  can't thank you enough because ... looking back ... you saved me and Joey a lot of pain. Joey was ready to go but he was waiting for me to let him go. 


Thank you for your help Sue.


Jamie, Harrogate


Sue did some work with our lovely old ex racer greyhound, Woody. We knew the time to say goodbye was around the corner with him being 12 years old and the known health issues he had. It was nice to see that Woody was so happy to see Sue who he had never met before. He wasn't an in your face kind of dog but we knew him well enough to see that he accepted her straight away and was willing to communicate with her. We worked to get some well needed closure for us, and worked that he would let us know when the time was right as hard as we found this to let go. Sue was with us and helped us though a tough time and still is even after his passing. As I've found it very hard to say goodbye even being in the veterinary community it is still a hard process to go though. But she made us all feel relaxed and did some healing work with Woody, and I have to say it really does work he went on for another 2 months before he let us know it's time and for that I am always thankful to Sue so we could make his last weeks the best he'd ever had. 


I would definitely use her again with further pets we may have in the future when the time is right.

Thanks to her woodys spirit still lives on. Having the privilege of seeing her doing the wonderful work she does you can really see the animals relax and communicate with her but don't take my word for it and book a session with her and you will see it for yourself.


Vicky & Family


Sue has worked with many of our horses; they have all accepted her healing and have shown marked improvement as a result. Sue has helped with physical issues although the most noticeable improvements have been the emotional wellbeing of the herd. I have witnessed some startling changes and have been amazed at what horses have conveyed. The horses love Reiki and Bramble our dog is not to be outdone. He sees Sue coming and rushes up for his regular healing. Sue has been invaluable in helping us help the animals. Thanks (from me and the animals).

- Fiona, Surrey, Kingsmead Equestrian Centre


Sue did some work with Frankie not long after we rehomed him. It was good to hear his back story, this helped us to understand him. Sue was able to give us the indications of things he likes, dislikes, food preferences etc. We tried out some of her suggestions the next day and I have no doubt she was definitely communicating with him the way he reacted! Frankie is always so happy to see Sue and it is great know her services are reliable and trustworthy, she is good to have on board for the future in case any problems arise with the pooch and even if they don't its nice to check in with him now and then!

- Nicki & family


We asked Sue to speak with Layla as a gift for one of our family members. It was lovely to hear what Layla had to say, and being a rescue dog that she was now so happy where she is today. We have always wondered where she came from and what had happened to her so knowing she knows this is her forever home is very comforting for us all.

Layla showed us through Sue her favourite spots to be and people to be around which is good to know! I highly recommend Sue, she is very gentle and caring with any animal big or small and when you watch her work you can really see the animals 'talking' back to her. It is fascinating! A great way to communicate with your pet and have a better understanding of their needs.


- Ash


Sue did a fantastic job with Dandy. I have only recently bought him from a dealer, not knowing anything about his background or how he was feeling. I am now able to build a strong bond with Dandy knowing that he appreciates what I do for him and what he likes best!

Sue managed to answer all the questions I had and I now understand why Dandy does certain things which link to his past. I fully recommend Sue to everyone who wants to find out more or know more about their pets. I would definitely get her to have another session with Dandy if needed.

Having only just bought him, it's so much easier to know what my pony enjoys and what he isn't so keen on. It completes the puzzle!

- Merrie


I contacted Sue after having suddenly lost my gorgeous Cairn Terrier Boysie. It was such a shock. On Sunday he was fine and playing and by the evening he had suffered a stroke. I was devastated. Sue communicated with Boysie and said that he was worried about leaving me behind but that he was alright. He told Sue I had a photograph and to keep looking at it and I would know when he was there. I do feel him around and I thank Sue for bringing his love through to me. Thank you so much Sue.


- Shirley


When I asked Sue to communicate with Toby I wasnt sure how to feel or how to react to what was going to be said. Not long after sending some photos of my beloved boy I recieved a message which just threw all my previous thoughts and worries out the window. Sue was able to finally settle me and help me to come to terms with what had happend and find information about what he was up to now and that he was still checking up on me. This feeling was amazing! I can't thank Sue more for what she had done for me- a truly special lady, thank you Sue!

- Chloe

Frankie & Cupid

I asked Sue to come out to do some healing for my two horses, both had come from bad backgrounds and needed emotional and physical healing. My oldest horse Frankie has a bad hip which causes lameness and sore on his front legs on which he had his treatment, and you could see he was enjoying it and within the next few days he seems a lot better moving :).

My youngest Cupid has a lot of emotional issues from being very young and not looked after properly so he had little trust but yet Sue managed to work her magic and he looks a lot happier and brighter in and out the field.

- Felicity, Warlingham

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